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Important 29 Dates
Event Date Changes
Development Started 11 Apr 2016 c6b3f59
RC1 Released 26 Jul 2017 b2a2ccf
Final Release 31 Jul 2017 b4e4ddc

The 29 release encompasses development revisions from 495eb20 though b4e4ddc.
The Current Release is 31.0.

Key New Features

  • The backend now listens on all addresses e6f11ce
  • Add a new MythTV startup page 37c172

Major Changes

  • mythtv-setup now uses MythUI
  • Support for IPV6 link-local addresses 82d36c7
  • Improve handling of Bluray overlays 20926a
  • Resync FFmpeg to 3.2 140276

Prerequisite Changes

Added support libraries/prerequisites
  • VBOX: minimum firmware version to 2.50
Removed support libraries/prerequisites

Special Notices & Instructions

  • Version number change, no more 0. prefix.
  • Data Migration: 29 will only support direct upgrades from 0.22 or higher. If you are running an older version, you will need to upgrade to 0.22, 0.23 or 0.24 then upgrade to 29.
  • As always, backup your database before upgrading, see this.
  • Services API developers/users should review: API_parameters_29.




  • 45b8725 MythFrontend: Allow playback of streamed https:// files
  • 119d733 Fixes #12960 - Remote idle frontend wakes backend if WOL is set
  • 4dc5ef3 Fix database WOL settings being lost if you connect via UPNP.
  • e2cb383 Fix occasional segfault when cancelling startup page.
  • d13bce6 Add a SEARCH button to the MythTV Startup window
  • 3db436f Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session.
  • e9daa4e Fix frontend failure when using QT painter with OpenGL video
  • 03b9b4e Minor fixes for MythTV Startup Page.
  • 0a46103 Fix UPNP for selecting backend when there is a PIN set
  • ef7e594 Fix UPNP detection of backends to ignore link-local IPV6 addresses
  • f5bb7fd Change the new MythTV startup screen to handle UPNP locating of backend.
  • 37c172e Add a new MythTV startup page.
  • 7723e5e Fix for wrong theme version being downloaded
  • 4460309 Change default theme to MythCenter and improve MythCenter.

Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices

  • 37ef0fa Python: Fix bookmarkupdate error
  • ce1935b Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata

  • 5933e03 mythfilldatabase: Also try matching ATSC major.minor when update xmltvid.
  • d58a00e mythfilldatabase: Handle duplicate programratings. Fixes #12914
  • 6865940 EIT: Refs #12548. Add several more multiplexes


Video Playback

  • 7388b5a Fix bugs that occur when using a different video mode for playback.
  • f5fb29d Fixes #12586 - Jump Points not working when a MythNotification is displayed.
  • ae81146 Fix stream change handling in playback
  • 4920cb2 Add "Watch This Channel" to guide select menu when appropriate.
  • 121b636 Fix for 3db436f "Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session." preventing OS X playback.

Disc Playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc) and Media Detection

OSD, EPG, MHEG, CC, and Subtitles

Network Control

Network Communications

  • 79844ba Add IPv6 UPNP support
  • 8b5e507 Disable MythTV IPv6 use for systems that do not have IPv6 support.
  • ed3b8d4 Frontend reset socket connections after resuming from suspend
  • f96871d Removed checks for QT_NO_IPV6.
  • e6f11ce Networking improvements
  • d8e5e0f Support ipv6 link-local addresses for soap client.
  • 82d36c7 Support for IPV6 link-local addresses.


Scanning and Tuner/Recorder Support

Channel Scanner

  • 24064ac Channel Scanner GUI: Add percentage text back in.

Ceton InfiniTV




IPTV Recorder

  • b565941 IPTV Tuner: fix recording/playing simultaneous RTSP streams
  • 2a0fda6 ExternalStreamHandler: Don't issue XOFF unless we are not keeping up with the data. It was unnecessarily throttling the throughput.
  • 2a66730 ExternalStreamHandler: Under stress, the external application may not respond as quick as we would like. Give it a few tries before aborting.
  • fc9c6d4 ExternalStreamHandler: Try and be a little more tolerant of slightly misbehaving external recorders. Cleanup better when things go wrong.


  • 74230a2 VBox: Relax the firmware version check to allow for VJ.x.xx versions
  • 0bfcd20 VBOX: don't ignore channels using T2/S2 if the tuner can handle them
  • 46ffbdf VBOX: fix the channel scanner always saying it found no channels
  • bb5daa9 VBOX: bump the minimum firmware version to 2.50
  • d4c0f13 VBOX: Add multi-record support to the vbox recorder
  • 90249b4 VBOX: Prevent "VBox: Found possible VBox at Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet"




Other Hardware "Support"


  • 27d348f Webfrontend: update Content Security Policy with latest changes.

Consumer Electronics Control Support - "CEC"


  • 21a652e Scheduler: For consistency, put [] around card_id in log messages.

Guide Data

  • 30d8a96 Fix refresh all in mythfilldatabase
  • 499e541 Fixes #13015 - mythfilldatabase leap-second problem.
  • ee7052f New feature for mythfilldatabase to optionally not use allatonce.

Setup / mythtv-setup

  • 071dd75 Settings: Port the playback profile editor to MythUI
  • 0a52dfd Settings: Fix incorrect signal/slot connection
  • 0f9df2a Settings: Don't display hidden settings
  • 11008ca Settings: Add setVisible and clearTargetedSettings methods
  • 15776b1 Settings: Allow individual video sources to be deleted through the menu
  • 1728e4f Settings: Fix some settings being incorrectly marked as changed
  • 174b8bf Settings: Add setValue(int) variant
  • 19c2983 Settings: Add a method to add several targeted settings
  • 2052b11 Settings: Start converting capture card settings to MythUI
  • 2323c5f Settings: Add method to remove a child
  • 2d452a2 Settings: Port the storage group editor to MythUI
  • 33ab614 Settings: Port most of the frontend settings to MythUI
  • 3804276 Settings: Make sure the current value is displayed in combo boxes
  • 3af397f Settings: Remove TODO comment
  • 400f4a2 Settings: Add support for deleting playback groups
  • 444c40a Settings: Rename the playback group class to minimize translation impact
  • 4b2ca8c Settings: Convert the DiSEqC settings to MythUI
  • 4c43727 Settings: API updates
  • 5054902 Settings: Make signal/slot connections work by moving the objects to the main thread
  • 59e3e7b Settings: Remove inheritance to TriggeredConfigurationGroup for some classes
  • 5f6f1c1 Settings: Port the channel editor to MythUI
  • 6375cd4 Settings: Port the channel scanner to MythUI
  • 7494225 Settings: Remove a no longer relevant comment
  • 7501ec4 Settings: Avoid marking the screen refresh rate as changed
  • 75e6dd0 Settings: Port the recording & transcoder profiles to MythUI
  • 8a712a6 Settings: Remove settings.h from standardsettings.h
  • 90222be Settings: Fix compilation when debug is enabled
  • 950d116 Settings: Tweak the default theme
  • 957c154 Settings: Port the Mac settings to MythUI
  • 9d80fe7 Settings: Remove use of deprecated qVariantValue
  • b139c82 Settings: Add methods to MythUIComboBoxSetting
  • b8d9595 Settings: Port the backend settings in mythtv-setup to MythUI
  • ba64332 Settings: Add new settings classes using MythUI
  • bdeed99 Settings: Add method to delete a targeted child
  • c809f49 Settings: Rework how settings are loaded and saved
  • c86d1fe Settings: Only emit valueChanged if the value was actually changed
  • cf753f5 Settings: Add legacy setName/byName interface
  • da28762 Settings: Move the new playback group editor to libmythtv
  • e3f957f Settings: Avoid marking the audio device as changed
  • e673108 Settings: Port the creation of input groups to MythUI
  • ea41315 Settings: Don't hardcode fallback strings for the help & title text areas
  • eaa5316 Settings: Port the transport editor to MythUI
  • ec642bb Settings: Port MythTerminal to MythUI
  • efbf982 Settings: Remove MythUIComboBoxSetting inheritance from MythUISpinBoxSetting
  • f0c69c7 Settings: Add support for hiding passwords in text entries
  • f488b25 Settings: Fix settings incorrectly being marked as changed
  • bccb8c9 Add missing terminal window to theme.
  • c80482f Fix missing support for allow_single_step in spin boxes.
  • 7a1ab50 Fix transport editor segfault and implement adding a transport
  • b543220 Fix channel scan overlapping controls.
  • f4f98f9 Eliminate extra page in capture card setup.
  • 7d2be78 Fixes for MythUI settings
  • 5cd39f1 More Fixes for incorrect save prompt in General Setup
  • 6869ba6 Fix incorrect save prompt in General Setup
  • 420a1ea Fixes for MythUI settings
  • eba33b5 Fix backend setup when specific IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are used.
  • 65f9928 Fix Channel editor missing setting



  • 1925478 MythUI: Allow functions as slots in MythMenu and ShowOkPopup
  • 495eb20 MythUI: Add a spinbox dialog
  • d9f88c9 MythUIButtonList: Skip disabled buttons when moving around

Translations & Localization/Internationalization



Mac OS X




  • 254aa41 MythArchive: Convert the settings to use MythUI
  • 9572352 MythArchive: update the initial seek amount text on the thumb image finder
  • abb2250 MythArchive: guard against an empty deleteMap in the thumb image finder




  • f2182a7 Gallery: Convert the settings to use MythUI
  • 336193d Gallery: Change crumb separator
  • 4e70774 Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers
  • 75a698e Gallery: Add status delay
  • 94e13f9 Gallery: Preserve aspect of folder thumbnails
  • c327f81 Gallery: Don't show folder dates in caption
  • c41c6e7 Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back
  • e7b50cd Gallery: Add European caption date formats
  • ed7473f Gallery: Reset theme widgets correctly


  • 2b3ecd7 MythGame: Partially convert the settings to use MythUI


  • 258ba1f musicscanner: Compare music_directory.path as binary
  • 1b6308a mythmusic: remove defunct lyrdb lyrics grabber
  • 2008672 mythmusic: fix the genius lyrics grabber
  • 2cfbfa4 mythmusic: add a LetsSingIt lyrics grabber
  • 6df9ccd mythmusic: fix the lyricswiki lyrics grabber
  • 853c9bd mythmusic: various tweaks to the lyrics grabbers
  • 9156dfb mythmusic: add new Lyrics.Com lyrics grabber
  • d22cd8f mythmusic: add alsong lyrics grabber
  • 783d36a MythMusic: double the maximum size of the buffer used with DecodeAudio
  • e8d3630 MythMusic: increase the probe buffer size to 128K


  • 7a40e96 MythNews: UTF-8 encode string literal
  • 14b636e MythNews: Fix the menu handling when no sites have been added


MythVideo/Video Gallery




  • 11ad81e MythZoneMinder: fix building the server standalone
  • 41f4cc7 MythZoneMinder: attempt to fix compilation on Darwin after [11ad81e474]
  • d13161c MythZoneMinder: try harder to find an analysis frame for an event
  • d787493 MythZoneMinder: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared memory
  • 2f40d18 MythZoneMinder: avoid string + int when we already converted it to string
  • b886116 MythZoneminder: remove the bogus default text from a few screens
  • be01357 MythZoneminder: center the no events message in the frame image
  • 64a1f01 MythZoneMinder: Convert the settings to use MythUI
  • 8bb7220 MythZoneMinder: Remove a couple of no longer needed function declarations

Support libraries & Frameworks

Services API

  • 75e68f5 services: fix Channel/GetChannelInfoList always returning and error
  • 08a03c5 Services API: Dvr/GetTitleInfoList was returning Deleted recordings.
  • 6061920 Services API: Dv/GetUpcomingList: Don't require ShowAll for in-progress but stopped recordings.
  • 8f1ab54 Services API: Log more Guide/GetChannelIcon errors
  • a296331 Services API: Add/UpdateRecordSchedule, prevent DB Errors when timestamps aren't passed
  • 00532ed Services API: Add Channel Groups Add To/Remove From
  • 194d166 Services API: GetOldRecordedList
  • 29e2269 Services API: Fix exception messages
  • e40bc1c Services API: Fix encoder name of recording
  • ec9afde Services API: GetProgramList: Implement New listings
  • 1247e0f Services API: Add a couple of methods for Music
  • 15d6031 Services API: Allow for blank or empty parameter values in requests
  • 359a20a Services API: Add RecodIdForFilename()
  • 38d9ba2 Services API: Add ability to Stop/Reactivate a recording.
  • 681a337 Services API: Make the list of parameters available to methods
  • a91bc32 Services API: Add new Video/UpdateVideoMetadata method
  • ab1c3e8 Services API: Add the genre list to the output from Video/GetVideoList
  • 5292483 HTTP Server: Provide additional CORS support