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We are proud to announce MythTV 0.27.1.

0.27.1 is more than your traditional point release: 0.27.1 is our best release ever. While it doesn't have major new user features, it has received over 340 improvements. Lots have been rewritten under the hood to provide the best user experience ever. In particular, and to make the critics quiet, LiveTV has received an extreme levels of attention.

If you are still running an older version of MythTV, now is the time to upgrade.

Check our 0.27 Release Notes


Key New Changes

  • Improvements in LiveTV startup and channel change times. Most changes should be under 3s and almost instantaneous between multiplexes on digital TV
  • Ability to seek across the entire LiveTV playback session.
  • New upgraded IPTV and RTSP recorder, now includes IPv6 support
  • Support for FreeBSD 10
  • Improve appearance and readability on Mac OS.
  • Improvements in metadata matching
  • Improvements in UPnP server
  • Various improvements in VDPAU playback
  • Added support for H264 9 and 10 bits videos
  • FFmpeg upgraded to 1.2.6
  • Rewritten internal network ringbuffer for flawless streaming with MythBackend regardless of network quality
  • Network connections will automatically resume when backend is restarted
  • AirPlay improvements
  • Update MythZoneMinder to work with ZoneMinder 1.26 and later

Prerequisite Changes

  • If upgrading from 0.25 and earlier, make sure to follow the instructions in on how to update your MySQL Time Zone
  • If upgrading from 0.21 and earlier, you need to go via an intermediate version, we suggest the latest fixes/0.24.

Tickets Fixed

  • New Always On Top appearance setting #12137
  • Force refresh of xf86VidMode current modeline, fix playback stuttering with Intel video drivers #12150
  • Trigger system events when devices connect and disconnect to AirPlay and AirTunes #11182
  • Fix fullscreen windowing with Compiz/Unity #9589 #8021 #7958
  • Fixes wrong mapping of picture controls on OSD #11983 #11885
  • Watching in progress recording stutters #12016
  • Corrupted video when using VDPAU decoding #11377. The fix is only effective with nVidia cards using proprietary drivers
  • In progress recordings do not always have up to date size/duration #12146
  • Random segfaults when using VAAPI playback #12140
  • Livetv fails for analog on hvr 2250 #11402
  • Viewing Live TV causes recordings to be moved to Live TV Group #11119
  • IPTV don't work with freebox TV (france) #11949
  • MythMusic: Does not release audio decoder when music paused and tv playback wanted #12063
  • MythMusic: fix seek problem with restart playback #12062
  • MythArchive: Fix problem playing created DVD's with no intro #11942
  • MythArchive: Remove -copyts from the encoding profiles #12026
  • Remove old entries from in-memory EIT cache #12130
  • UPnP fixes #12006
  • Makes Metadata search more permissive #11088
  • Starting mythfrontend with the -p option causes it to use 100% cpu #11666
  • Fix playback of 9/10bit h264 videos #10706
  • video stutters playing files from Canon camera #10942
  • Playback exits early after network failures #12113
  • Forced Subtitles (MKV) can stay onscreen indefinitely #12029
  • Fix random slave backend PlaybackSock timeout in master backend
  • Fix random backend crashes when slave backends disconnect #11306
  • Remove file check for pytmdb3.cache #11876
  • Fix old Qt setting screens preventing them from accepting keyboard inputs #11990
  • Fix AirPlay occasionally only showing as an audio device on iOS 7.x #11901
  • Only dynamically load the libGLESv2 library if OpenGL ES is enabled #12098
  • MythMusic: fix mixed up smart playlist "starts with" and "ends with" criteria #12097
  • "Early start" setting is ignored if the DVB-Card is busy recording on the same multiplex #12023
  • Fix seek when close to end of program #12076
  • mythbackend logs RingBuf-messages every few seconds while playing LiveTV #10428
  • Allow seeking within the entire liveTV chain of recordings #12076
  • Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read() #12045
  • Allow to use $MYTHCONFDIR as a cache location #11876
  • detect cropped HD (720p) content #12048
  • Always show programs that are still recording in ViewScheduled #12060
  • MythMusic: fix the goom visualizer #11023
  • Add housekeeper startup delay #12042
  • Only force a refresh of the metadata rather than invalidating the cache #12052
  • Core dump in MythUIButtonList::GetItemCurrent #12040
  • IPTV: Bind to multicast address instead of ANY #11979#12036
  • Use multirec when scheduling around livetv #12032
  • record.last_record is not upgraded from local time to UTC #12024
  • OSD, EPG Position & Live TV file metadata does not change along with the channel, in LiveTV #11989
  • MythMusic: Fix detection of compilations using special MusicBrainz Artist ID #12035#12000
  • MythMusic segfaults when scanning for new music #11906
  • MythMusic: fix playback of some radio stations #11872
  • Be less aggressive about clearing the bookmark on exit #7994
  • extend IPTV hack to handle PAT with two entries but only one program #11791
  • ZM 1.26.3 has OK LiveCamera only for 32bit palette #11957
  • mythtranscode can not recognice time relative to GMT #11758
  • No audio playback on DVDs with 16-bit stereo PCM audio tracks #11941
  • Attempt to play some H264 recording freezes frontend #11882
  • cutting and lossless mpeg2 transcoding generate strange files #11213
  • System event won't trigger during playback #11881
  • Live TV Input Order Ignored During Channel Changes #10967
  • Channel icons not appearing in guide on remote frontend using IPv6 #11937
  • mythtranscode honorcutlist doesn't honor commandline cutlist #11939
  • LiveTV-program guide unsuitable in a windows frontend #11020
  • mythzoneminder Event Player #8912
  • HttpRequest parsing fails on parameters containing encoded & character #11905
  • Start live TV from standalone guide #11913
  • Garbled CCs on some stations (CC608 subtitles) #11899
  • AirPlay issues with youtube videos #11909
  • Add proper cutlist support for MythVideo #10804
  • Backend crashes after running HouseKeeperTask 'RecordedArtworkUpdate' #11902
  • Guide EPG aligned to start of the program, regardless of the length of the program #11891
  • Provide better seeking and position display for some videos. #11415
  • Wrong mapping of picture controls on OSD #11885{ticket|11983}}
  • broken DVB-C cam module #11298
  • Removing the last item in a MythUIButtonList doesn't update the display #11285