Release Notes - 0.28.1

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MythTV Changes

Argus (1):

     mythzmserver: fix building the server standalone

Bill Meek (5):

     Coverity: Fixes CID 1358509, solution from Roger Siddons
     HTTP Server: Provide additional CORS support
     HTTP Server: Change HOST_NAME_MAX to 1024 for some buildbots
     Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs
     Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs

BlackEagle (1):

     Fixes #12939 - add compatibility for libcec4

Bradley Baetz (1):

     Fixes #12754 - Fix deadlock in libcec initialization.

Britney Fransen (1):

     Fixes #12957 - Add categorytype to and

David Engel (5):

     Tweak the finsl sorting in the scheduler to be slightly more stable.
     Work around a suspected Qt bug affecting some settings.
     Fix scheduler affinity calculation for back to back recordings.
     Change AutoExpire::Update() to use a proper queue.
     Fix issue with find recording rules.

Gary Buhrmaster (1):

     Fixes #12764 - compilation of abs function with latest gcc/libstdc++

Gregorio Gervasio (1):

     Add support for A53 captions.

Guenter Kukkukk (1):

     Fixes #12945 - Add HEVC to the mpegts parser.

Ian Campbell (1):

     musicscanner: Compare music_directory.path as binary

Jean-Yves Avenard (12):

     Revert "Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback"
     Prevent out of bound access when table is empty.
     Prevent potential out of bound memory access.
     Only delete original recording if explictly set.
     Properly handle stride size when transcoding.
     Properly handle stride size when transcoding in fifo mode.
     Fix FIFO transcoding.
     Fixes transcoding when decoder doesn't ouput YUV420 frame.
     Prevent out of bound access when invalid parameters are provided
     Fix RTjpeg transcoding.
     Make --delete act as an override and ignore global settings.
     Bump ABI version.

John Poet (10):

     Do ASI part of [792e89ed5]
     Cleanup whitespace in some of the Services API files.
     Add a Service API method for returning seektable information.
     ServicesAPI: Add RecodIdForFilename()
     Scheduler::FillRecordingDir: Fix a race condition trying to start a
     TVRec::TuningNewRecorder: On failure, make sure scheduler knows about it.
     ServicesAPI: Add ability to Stop/Reactivate a recording.
     Stop mythfilldatabase from creating duplicate channels just because they are
     ExternalStreamHandler: Try and be a little more tolerant of slighly

Jonatan Lindblad (2):

     MythNews: Fix the menu handling when no sites have been added
     MythFrontend: Allow playback of streamed https:// files

Karl Dietz (10):

     fix typo in german translation
     Rewrite of the EIT Fixup for Sky Germany
     fix parsing of version numbers in theme updater
     fix libcec include path detection issue
     use 4 space indenting
     fix automatic detection of systemd on Arch
     let IPTV recorder recognize HTTPS urls
     unbreak JW Player menu item (and three other) in the web frontend
     unbreak one-click-installation of JW Player
     don't translate recording status CSS classes (use RecStatusToClass)

MIke Bibbings (1):

     Fix multiplex restriction determination in Live TV.

Mitch Capper (1):

     Added dvr services call for setting and getting bookmark position

Nicolas Riendeau (1):

     Merge branch 'fixes/0.28' of into fixes/0.28

Paul Harrison (9):

     mythzmserver: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared memory
     VBOX: bump the minimum firmware version to 2.50
     VBOX: don't ignore channels using T2/S2 if the tuner can handle them
     mythwikiscripts: fix after the wiki switched to using https
     VBox: Relax the firmware version check to allow for VJ.x.xx versions
     MythMusic: increase the probe buffer size to 128K
     MythZoneMinder: Remove a couple of no longer needed function declarations
     MythMusic: double the maximum size of the buffer used with DecodeAudio
     mythzmserver: attempt to fix compilation on Darwin after [67d9190279]

Peter Bennett (26):

     Fix intermittent pixelation caused by timeout waiting for input buffers
     Change OpenMAX Normal profile to allow 4 CPUs for decoding, to allow for fallback to ffmpeg.
     Fix CEC bugs and add raspberry pi support for CEC
     configure - fix so that build for raspberry pi does not need a bunch of overrides to get openmax enabled
     Prevent "VBox: Found possible VBox at Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet" and similar messages by changing them from Info to Debug level.
     Fixes "Could not open decoder" error playing a recording
     Improve OSD on Raspberry Pi.
     Fix bug where "OpenMax High Quality" profile was not added.
     Fix "always display subtitles" not activating subtitles in certain cases.
     Fix paint problem with QT dynamic button lists. This affected Steppes theme, maybe others.
     Delete unused and untested class AudioDecoderOMX from OMX Audio output code.
     Fix Raspberry Pi digital audio AC-3 passthrough.
     Fix OpenMAX hdmi audio 5.1 channel PCM crackling noise.
     Fix mythfilldatabase incorrectly populating airdate for TV series.
     Fix: OSD notifications remain on screen forever with OpenMAX and OpenGL.
     Fix: OSD notification flash on again after fading due to negative "time left" calculation.
     Fix for frontend control socket not working on openmax playback.
     Fix time stretch on Raspberry Pi.
     Fix scrolling at and of grid style button list.
     Fix Seg Fault due to OSD painter being deleted while image loader threads are still using it.
     Fix Seg fault in OSD due to notification being displayed using a painter that is no longer valid.
     Setup change to allow CETON users to set tuning timeout.
     Frontend and backend changes to support music choice.
     Fix Artifacts that appear on VDPAU setups in Live TV.
     Fix QT 5.6.1 seg fault in ~QNetworkConfiguration during exit from program.
     Fix small memory leak caused by commit 89bc8e7

Petr Srsen (1):

     Updated Czech MythFrontend translation

Richard Hulme (8):

     Allow the backend to shut down if the frontend is in standby mode.
     Fix getting stuck in an infinite loop when undeleting a recording.
     Try to find a .clpi file in the range 00000-00200 to generate a Bluray bookmark.
     Don't allow an inability to create a serial number to prevent playback of a Bluray disc.
     Lookup the audio and subtitle languages on Blu-ray discs by the stream ID instead of the index.  Sometimes there are fewer 'official' streams (i.e. streams with out-of-band metadata) than physical streams which then causes the wrong information to be shown and the wrong stream to be selected by default.
     Hide 'invalid' streams from the user.
     Add missing return in the unlikely case that AvFormatDecoderBD has no Blu-ray ringbuffer.
     Add more checks before trying to determine language of Blu-ray streams.

Robert Watson (1):

     Fix displaying of input connection display name on 'C' or 'Y'.  Video

Roger Siddons (9):

     Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings
     Gallery: Add European caption date formats
     Gallery: Change crumb separator
     Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers
     Gallery: Add status delay
     Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back
     Revert 20b621e5733 MediaMon: UI to select preferred media handler
     Gallery: Reset theme widgets correctly
     Fix crash when frontend can't find the database

Stuart Auchterlonie (11):

     EIT: Refs #12548. Add several more multiplexes
     Update some urls for email list signup
     Move failure to connect to dbus screensaver services down to debug
     Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests
     Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2
     Revert "Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2"
     Some http -> https changes
     Correctly identify Service Descriptor for UHD
     README update
     Install mythframe.h, should fix build failures for plugins
     Setting VERSION to v0.28.1

Stuart Morgan (1):

     Fix backend status page

MythWeb Changes

Charles Bovy (2):

     Fixes #12670. Ensure fine tune is set and not empty
     [mythweb] Remove/changed some deprecated PHP7 functions:

Ian Campbell (1):

     Refs #12752 - [mythweb] Avoid double quoting sql

Jan Schneider (1):

     Fix output of stars as float values.

Karl Dietz (7):

     use full group by for listing view
     unbreak "don't record" and getAspect()
     use NULL instead of ZERO datetime when saving to recording rules
     remove grouping from SQL when loading programs
     rewrite getAspect to use new recordedfile table
     don't mix JOIN ON and JOIN USING in one query
     avoid returning one copy of each program per person in the cast/crew

Michael T. Dean (1):

     Set the SQL mode when connecting to the database.

Stuart Auchterlonie (3):

     Fixes #12868. inetref cannot be NULL
     Fixes #12878. Use mythtv time, not unixtime to 'activate' a recording
     Add mythweb dir to @INC.