S-Video/Composite Input Recording

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If you would like to be able to view or record input from either s-video or composite inputs on a PVR-x50 card, the following hack will allow you to do just that.

Via mythtv-settings, do the following:

1. Select "Video Sources," then select "[New video source]." Name this source anything you like (Composite for our example) then set the "XMLTV listings grabber:" to "No grabber." and select finish.

2. Go into the "Channel Editor" then select "[New Channel]." Name this channel anything you like (Composite Input for our example), set the channel number to a channel that you do *not* have, then set the video source to be the source you just created (Composite for our example.) Select finish to continue.

3. Select "Input Connections" from the main mythtv-settings screen and select your composite or s-video input. (For an example PVR-150 you might see "[MPEG : /dev/video0 ] {Composite 0} -> {None}." Set the video source to be the source you created in step 1, and make sure that the starting channel is the channel that you created in step 2. Select finish and exit the settings.

4. Start the backend then frontend, then change the channel to the new channel that you created. With nothing plugged in you should see a black screen. Connect an input device (VCR, camera, etc..) and you will then be able to see and record your video.