Screen size setting wizard

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Screen size setting wizard

The wizard uses two arrows to mark the visible edges of the screen. Each arrow is moved with the cursor keys. Use the SELECT key to alternate between the top left & bottom right onscreen arrows.

Pressing MENU brings up a popup menu which allows the movement amount (1 or 10 pixels) to be toggled. It also allows the new GUI size/offset adjustments to be saved or reset to fullscreen (either will force a theme reload that kicks mythfrontend back to the main menu).

There are two known limitations:

1. that the GUI can only be resized downwards. This limitation is overcome by using the 'reset screen size' menu option. This resets GUI X & Y size and X & Y offsets to zero, effectively making mythfrontend full screen. A theme reload will occur & the user is taken back to the main menu.

2. Using a geometry override when running mythfrontend does not allow the wizard to operate correctly. If the GUI size needs to be changed, run without the geometry override.