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The following is a translation of a Mini-Howto I wrote a while ago for the German mythwiki. The problem with ScummVM in MythGame is that MythGame looks for a single ROM file to execute while scumm games consist of an entire directory, and according to their FAQ, the ScummVM developers do not intend to add support for zip archives. Since the possibility of adding every single game manually did not appeal to me, I made up a quick-n-dirty hack to make scumm games work. This Howto assumes that scummvm is installed and all games are configured using ~/.scummvmrc.

Setting up directory structure


$ mkdir /myth/games/scummvm
$ mkdir /myth/games/scummvm/roms
$ mkdir /myth/games/scummvm/bin
$ mkdir /myth/games/scummvm/files

The actual game files go in the files subdirectory.

Setting up wrapper scripts for MythGame

cd to the bin directory and fire up your favorite text editor for a new file called scummvm-wrap. This is going to be the wrapper script:

/usr/games/bin/scummvm `basename $1`

Save and chmod to execute:

# chmod +x /myth/games/scummvm/bin/scummvm-wrap

Subdirectory roms is now filled with dummy files to represent each scumm game:

$ cd /myth/games/scummvm/roms
$ touch `grep '^\\[' ~/.scummvmrc | grep -v scummvm | sed -e 's/\[\(.*\)\]/\1/'`

Setup MythGame Player

Player Name: ScummVM
Typ: other
Binary: /myth/games/scummvm/bin/scummvm-wrap %s
rom-path: /myth/games/scummvm/roms

Now you have a player for scumm games where all ScummVM short titles are shown as defined in .scummvmrc.