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Software-update-available.png This page is up-to-date as of MythTV version 0.27.6, the current release is 31.0

There are different ways to get MythTV installed on your system, from easiest to most difficult:

  1. Using a MythTV Custom Linux distribution (e.g. MythBuntu, Linhes, etc.) more info.
  2. Using your Linux distribution's package manager, for example apt-get.
  3. Build from source

Install your Linux distribution using the individual install instructions for that distribution. There are links on the Operating System page.

If you are using a Custom Linux Distribution, MythTV will already be installed and you can proceed directly to configuring it. However you should first check if the distribution has installed the latest Release. If not you should update it before proceeding further.

If you are not using a Custom Linux Distribution, you may be able to install MythTV using the distribution's package manager. This may install an out of date version, depending on the timing of version releases. In most cases there is an external package repository that you can access to get the latest MythTV Release.

Note that if you are installing remote frontends that they must use the same major version of MythTV as the backend. For example backend version 29.0 can support frontend version 29.0, 29.1, 29.2 but not 30.0.

If there is no appropriate package you will have to build from source.

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