Sony RM-VL710 Universal Remote

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Sony RM-VL710 Universal Remote

A low front angled view of the Sony RM-VL710 learning remote control.


The Sony RM-VL710 Universal Remote is an IR universal remote control that can all control of up to five devices. The remote contains a learning function which allows it to figure out your old remote codes without the need of looking them up, as well as up to nine system control macros, which give you the ability to control several functions on multiple devices with one push of a button, and non-volatile memory back-up so that you don't lose your settings when changing batteries.

Known Issues

Associated Software



Code Capturing and Learning

The Sony RM-VL710 has exceptional infrared code learning capabilities. Not only is there room for a learned command on every possible button – that’s 204 commands in total – but the remote also features Sony’s robust learning recipe. Instead of controls that can only capture frequencies of perhaps 32-50KHz and code lengths of 20 or 30 bits, the RM-VL710 works with signals all the way up to 500KHz and lengths of 250 bits. This makes it ideal for brands that stray from the norm, as well as other speciality applications like micro macros. As long as you have the original remotes to learn from, you’ll be able to put any command from any device onto any button, even merge the controls for multiple devices under a single component mode. The packaging acknowledges that use by calling it a “5+” device remote.