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The status-ui.xml file governs the layout and behavior of the System Info screen in Information Center. It consists of the following windows and named attributes:

System Info Windows

Window Name Type Description
status Window The main System Info screen.

The "status" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?
category buttonlist The list of information topics in the System Info Screen. Yes
log buttonlist The returned logs for each topic Yes
helptext textarea Tooltips and details for the selected item. Required if justhelptext is not supplied. Yes
justhelptext textarea Just the tooltips for the selected item. Required if helptext is not supplied. Yes
icon statetype A statetype allowing different icons or text to be displayed based on the selected Info topic. Valid types are listings, schedule, tuner, log, jobqueue, machine, and autoexpire. No

The log buttonlist must have a buttontext textarea and can optionally have a detail textarea.