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This guide describe how you easy can generate your own playlist/menupage with streaming radiostation.
In this example I use it for streaming radiostations, but it's also possible for videostreams.

Update menu

This chapter describe how generate a personalized streaming radiostation playlist.


Copy the xml files from /usr/share/mythtv/ to /home/mythtv/.mythtv

Add menuitem

edit mainmenu.xml and add:

    <action>MENU radiomenu.xml</action>

Add icon to the new menuitem

edit /home/mythtv/.mythtv/themes/Retro/theme.xml and add:

 <buttondef name="FM">

Generate radio page

The next xml is a new file defined in mainmenu.xml called radiomenu.xml.
With the first element you close all your radiostreams.
The second element is an example to play the radiostation stream. This can be a http or mms protocol.
The program 'radio' a own created bashscript

 killall mplayer
 mplayer $1 &

The third element show how you can also play ram streams.

 <mythmenu name="Internet Radio">
        <text>Radio uit</text>
        <action>EXEC killall mplayer</action>
      <type>Radio 538</type>
      <text>Radio 538</text>
      <action>EXEC radio</action>
      <type>Streaming ram radio</type>
      <text>Streaming ram radio</text>
      <action>EXEC radio `lynx -dump`<action>

Find more streams

URL's with more streaming content

World wide

Netherlands / Belgium

Futher ideas

  • use the gallery view to see more channels on the screen
  • show a logo for each (web) radio station
  • dynamic generate a radio menu page