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Mednafen GBA

I was looking at this config page for help and I have a suggestion for improvement. I've never written for thiw Wiki before so I'm leaving notes if anyone wants to clean up my edit.

. I use this as my GBA command:

mednafen -gba.stretch 1 -fs 1 -vdriver 0 %s

the boolean nature of the command line switches is sort of cryptic but this works well for me. The -gba.stretch 1 turns stretching on so it will fill up the screen The -vdriver 0 sets the emulator to use OpenGL, 1 would be SDL surface blits. As a general rule I stick with OpenGL whenever possible on everything since my nVidia card handles it well.

Control configuration can also be confusing. Hit F3

You will see a prompt that looks something like this: pad: A (1) That is obviously asking for A button on control pad one. What gets confusing is after it registers the input, it changes to this: pad: A (2) which is asking for button A on control pad two, being a GBA there is no control pad two If you want to program multiple controls to work with Mednafen and GBA hit a button on another control pad, a key on your keyboard, or even a secondary clone key on the current control pad. Input is not mandantory however. Wait for about three seconds and push the same button again, it should proceed to B. If you push the button again right away it may work, or it may just stay where it was, there doesn't seem to be a factor that seperates the two results. All the standard GBA buttons (including directional) are covered in this setup, as well as "turbo" A and B.

I've had a lot better luck with Mednafen than I have with VirtualBoyAdvanced. The sound works better, the emulation speed is solid, and the graphics look better, at least for me. Your milage may vary. Last time I played with emulation it was also my favorite for NES, though I haven't toyed with it in a while and will put a simular write up in here later after I do.

I installed Mednafen using Apt on Debian, so no compile hints here.

MAME configuration

Why is there no MAME configuration help? -- 05:02, 2 November 2005 (UTC)
I just added updates for XMAME both the program and the remote setup Spotted cow 06:16, 8 July 2006 (UTC)

Help with E-UAE

Anyone like to start a help with E-UAE setup and mythtv. The configuration from previous page got me going, but I also needed to configure e-aue with --enable-dga

Also, when running the emulator, how do I quit it back to MythTV?

xmacro-wrap script

I liked the xmacro-wrap script, but instead of using a ps & grep combo which didn't work very well for me I found the pidof command. So instead of the listed script I used the following:

   # This checks if an emulator is running
   # Insert your emulator commands as well
   if ( pidof snes9x sdlmame fceu xe zsnes mupen64_nogui ) then
       echo "KeyStr $1" | xmacroplay :0

More advanced xmacro-wrap script

I have added a more advanced xmacro-wrap script to this page. It takes commands instead of keys and translates them into keys which can be defined on a per-emulator basis, because, frankly, the current xmacro-wrap script didn't cut it for multiple emulators (at least, not if you want to use the same controls for each emulator!) Hope everyone enjoys. Rlbond86 07:08, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

RE: More advanced xmacro-wrap script

I'm trying out your xmacro-wrap script and I'm finding it's not keeping a log file even when it's set to the default 50 lines. The problem was in the cat|tail>file line for trimming the log file. I don't know bash well but it looks like it should work. Either way I ended up using a temp file for the trimming like so:

 #trim log
 if [ ! -z "$LOGFILESIZE" ]; then
   cat ~/.xmacro-wrap.log | tail -n $LOGFILESIZE > /tmp/xmacro-wrap
   cat /tmp/xmacro-wrap > ~/.xmacro-wrap.log
   rm /tmp/xmacro-wrap

--Catfish 03:51, 20 Sept 2009 (UTC)

Make this page less long

Hello, I think this wiki page (Configuring MythGame Emulation) is too long, too information = Not practical and not readable

And for example I subject to erasing explanation of how to compile and install emulators, there are others place for that !

By politeness I ask for your opinion...

if you think I'm an alcoholic say it

DOS games: DosEmu?

Anyone experiences with old-fashioned DOS games in combination with MythGame? Should I use dosemu for this or maybe some other player? --Michel 20:27, 16 February 2010 (UTC)


Dosbox runs DOS games fine in mythgame. Call ROMS with the following command in mythgame setup:

dosbox s% -exit -fullscreen

At least for me the above does is very confusing... DOS games are not ROM files! Instead they are a bunch of ordinary files in a directory (hopefully one directory for every game, with several subdirs - but this might not be the case). What are you exactly going to need to do, to make DOSBOX reocgnize the games / make menu items for them?