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With No Explanation of HOW TO

The page reads: "You will need a build environment with g++ and make. For Lirc clients (MythTV, mplayer, xine, etc), you will need to run a lircd daemon with the --allow-simulate and --listen= options for the proxy to create the necessary simulated IR events. The lirc control method is activated using the '-m lirc' command line option. The host and port for your lirc daemon should be specified through -i and -j options unless they are the default (localhost/8888). For XWindows mouse/keyboard control, you will need an XWindows server with the XTest extension available. However, if you only intend to control applications that already can be controlled with Lirc, you do not need this option. The XWindow support can be activated using the '-m xwindows' option. The display for which to connect to can be set via -x host:0.0 unless it is the default (:0.0). If you want keyboard and mouse control, you will need the xwindows control method configured. There are also extra MythTV control options (i.e. query what's on channels and/or what's been recorded) that will only be available if you turn on the socket control options available in the general settings menu of the Myth FrontEnd application. Turn on myth front end control using the '-m mythfe' option. You may also specify the host and port for myth front end unless they are the defaults (localhost, 6546). Use -h host and -p port."

The explanation starts: . . . you will need to run a lircd daemon

and then does not explain, even a little, how to do that. Editors should never assume that their level of expertise matches the readers expterise or what's a Wiki for???

Another example, further down the page:


There is no configure script yet so you will need to edit the Makefile by hand to suit your platform. copy Makefile.linux or Makefile.cygwin to Makefile Edit the Makefile and set PREFIX_DIR (default /usr/local) type make and hit return run make install (will need to be root for /usr/local prefix on Linux) If you are using bluetooth on Linux, the following command must be executed at system startup:

sdptool add --channel=1 SP

Run freemoted with your desired options:"

The writer/editor fails to say what cygwin is. I believe that makes a presumption that cygwin "implies" a microsoft enviroment, but gads! lots of Linux stuff uses word "borrowed" from Microsoft and Apple. (and other tech). Then the reader is told to "edit the Makefile by hand ..." with not explanation of where the file that must be edited is. Further, is /usr/local for all Linux? Does Fedora/RedHat differ from Debian/Ubuntu here? How do I execute the sdptool add --channel=1 SP to "startup".

All in all, the writers of this page are smart, skilled folks, but their work needs some editing. Sorry if this seems harsh, but reading this page several times, leads me nowhere. Or What's a Wiki For?