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Just a couple comments. Some apply to the 0.21 version, all apply to the 0.22 rewrite.

  • You're pulling the database login information from the old file, and you're pulling it from a non-standard location to boot. The new location (as of 0.21) is '~/.mythtv/config.xml'.
    • You shouldn't be parsing that file or connecting to the database anyway. Just use the Python bindings.
  • If your inetref contains '', it is broken. Proper inetref for TV shows is the series id.
  • You only pull title, which for TV will only give you the series name. You need to pull title, subtitle, seasion, and episode, and the presence of that extra data determines TV show from movie.
    • You shouldn't be using that anyway, just use 'getMetadata()' or 'getMetadataDictionary()' from the bindings.

The "downloaded from here" link is now broken.

Although it does appear here. Stevegoodey (talk) 14:28, 25 January 2018 (UTC)