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About this page

This page is focussed toward beginning MythTV developers. It should give a "very" short description of the nessecary steps to start developing MythTV. The indepth stuff should be described elsewhere also the ammount of links should be kept to a minimum .


  1. Add a simple walkthrough plan for New MythTV developers (what to know, where find an project, etc).
  2. Add "Developers" link to main page of / (attracts attention).
  3. Remove old references from MythTV's main page and let the page point to the wiki for this information.
  4. ...


This page should get more attention. I would like to help, but the right information to help developing is hard to find. Because I'm a beginner in developing for MythTV I add my finding to this page.

Could You do the same? (yes you... the reader) and add al importand information You know of? This helps newbies like myself to start helping building MythTV.

This page should be a start for people who want to help develop MythTV. It should be a place with information about the classes, source files, ...

The classes reference can be found at:

A list of the MythTV directories and files along with a description what they do can be found at Development Information MythFiles