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Add discussion items to the bottom of the page please.

Is the wiki the best place for a wishlist?

It requires manual work to update entries or move them to the 'in development' or 'completed' lists.

Is there some sort of categorisation in trac, or some trac-like-thing, that will allow tracking/updating of wishlist items? It should allow:

  • adding/categorising of wish items
  • any dependencies on other wish items
  • a status - such as 'to be considered', 'more info required', 'in development', 'slated for release xx.x', 'completed', 'already done', 'never going to happen'
  • store the name of the raiser in case more info is required
  • a section for developer notes on how it might be implemented
  • some kind of vote count of people who would like the feature implemented
  • store a list of interestees who will get emailed status updates, feedback etc.
  • link to a trac ticket when its in development

I don't know trac so I have no idea if it can handle this already, if it would require tweaking or if it will not do it at all.
Mamoulian 14:55, 24 March 2006 (UTC)

Questions by Users

Enhancements: request them on the wiki, mailinglist or both?

Parden my ignorance, but should requests for enhancements be made on the wiki, the mailing list, or both?

--GBob 19:42, 8 August 2006 (UTC)

The wiki, you can use the mailing list to flesh out ideas, but requests on the mailing lists are basically ignored.--Steve Adeff 16:11, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

MythTV@OpenSlug ?

Has anyone considered creating a build of MythTV for the OpenSlug project? It's a pretty low power machine, but there is very little power drawn by it's hardware.


really? ... "Note: Before making any feature requests to the MythTV developers, one first needs to understand the most basic truth about MythTV: "MythTV is a project by developers, for developers." If you look at things in that light, comments that get made by developers to users who submit feature requests ("Sounds good; I look forward to your patch") make a whole lot more sense. "

you got to be kidding so your aim is not to create something that works reasonably good but only barely? since that is what you say when you say things like for developers ...

every feature request is clearly a call for action ...

if you really believe MythTV is only for developers, then state it in the first line of the first page and state that there is no truly stable version. if you have the balls for that --Sususu 10:23, 4 April 2012 (UTC)

The implication of that statement is that MythTV is something written by the developers for their own personal use and enjoyment. It is not a product they are being paid by the users to develop. As such, there is no direct obligation to the user base beyond the lofty concept that a better product will draw more users, and a small percentage of those users will contribute back and benefit the project. It's the standard operating procedure for any unfunded open source project. As a consequence, these wishlists tend to become a collecting pot for various requests that no one (including contributing users) with the will to actually write a bit of code has any desire to use or implement. wagnerrp 12:49, 4 April 2012 (UTC)