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(10:21:14 PM) moosylog: mythTV seems to uses Qt key constants,

(10:21:14 PM) moosylog: which doesn't include all X key constants. Maybe some MythTV developer can confirm it.

(10:21:14 PM) moosylog: (i'm trying to define frontpanel buttons on my pc..they work in X....but not in mythfrontend)

(10:31:27 PM) gbee: moosylog: correct

(10:31:55 PM) gbee: you can use xmodmap to remap those buttons to something that mythtv understands

(10:32:53 PM) gbee:

(10:33:49 PM) gbee: QT understands most multimedia keys, but there are still a few that aren't supported in QT3 (possibly QT4 but I haven't checked)

(10:35:15 PM) gbee: the F21-30 range is pretty useful for remapping keys, since it's unlikely to be used by anything else

(10:35:53 PM) janneg: qt4 does look so much different:

(10:38:32 PM) gbee: looks like it supports some additional multimedia keys, the stuff from Key_Call to Key_Cancel is all new

(10:40:34 PM) moosylog: Ok, understand...thanks guys

Please test

I don't have a Futaba device, so I can not test for you. Please test and report your findings.

You need to look at remap the key to a function mythfrontend understand !

Because I don't have the box, you need to test things for us.

  • Create ~/.Xmodmap

create line

  • keycode 162 = P

This example maps key 162 (think Audio Play) to mythTV function P (think play in mythfrontend)

Other keyvalues are described on the Futaba page.

Test Results

(Feb 2008) KvZ: I've tested this idee and it works perfectly. I'm using a MSI Media Live with Mythbuntu.

My ~/.Xmodmap file:

keycode 162 = p
keycode 164 = Escape
keycode 144 = q
keycode 153 = z
keycode 152 = less
keycode 180 = greater

Mythbuntu does not seem to use the user .Xmodmap. So I've just added the following line to the MythTV startup script.

/usr/X11R6/bin/xmodmap $HOME/.Xmodmap

Thanks moosylog KvZ