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Regarding the "Warning about the "Diversity" model":

It is claimed that the Diversity card is only sold in the UK. This is not the case, I have just bought a WinTV Nova-T 500 here in Denmark, and unfortunately it is the Diversity variant. It has the same model number, and the sticker on the card clearly writes TD version, as described in this article. It does not look exactly like the photo, but does has the two antenna input.

The 'diversity' model is sold in New Zealand. The remote looks different to the one pictured Holloway 09:35, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

Another addendum: When trying to view a station that's currently off-air MythTV locks solid. Location is UK, OS is Gutsy. The expected behaviour as seen on other kit is that an informational message should be displayed. Using top on an alternative console I've found that the Myth backend was chewing up the CPU. Even when I brought it back to runlevel 2 the USB system was still out of action - it wouldn't recognize a USB stick until I rebooted. There's clearly a problem somewhere but is it driver, firmware or the backend? Ian

Ubuntu Karmic Compile Broken (11 Dec 09)

v4l-dvb compile is broken with stock Ubuntu Karmic build Ubuntu Karmic build (firedtv-ieee1394.c errors) Ubuntu Karmic is missing some Firewire/IEEE1394 files in the kernel-headers package. Workaround: in the v4l folderopen the .config file, find the line with "CONFIG_DVB_FIREDTV=m" and change to "CONFIG_DVB_FIREDTV=n".

- pmorton


I cannot see a reason this page has been deleted. As the ONLY instructions on the web that work, verbatim, for this particular card.

Can somebody please email the page to me, I really did count on it being here tonight to complete this project...



Hardware support has very little to do with MythTV, all of the hardware is documented more fully and updated more frequently on the driver developers website at Since having two wiki pages for each card, on two different sites was causing confusion we responded to the request of a LinuxTV developer to drop our versions and point users to instead. The page before deletion can be found here -, should you want to copy over anything you find missing to --GBee 15:55, 18 September 2010 (UTC)