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iMon LCD

If anyone has an iMon LCD (for example, I've got an Antec Fusion V2 black) can I suggest that you please show your support by either emailing them or posting a message on their forum asking for specifications so that a Linux driver can be made. So far, their response has not been very helpful...

From what I can see, the LCD actually has many features that do not really fit in the lcdproc model, but maybe something can be worked out :) DeanHarding 12:23, 29 August 2007 (UTC)

Merger from Soundgraph_iMON_Antec_Veris_Mythbuntu_10.10

I propose that the information in this page is not specific to the Antec Veris. The information in the generic IMon page is outdated and therefore the more recent information in the Antec Veris page should be moved over here.

Dplmartin 11:52, 14 October 2012 (UTC) While the page may not be specific to the Antec Veris, some of the file paths do seem to relate to Mythbuntu's build. These are different to a standard Ubuntu build with MythTV installed. Not all of the IMON information on this page is out of date and still closely relates to newer builds of Ubuntu and other cases like the SilverStone.

I suggest merging that page into this one but under a new section along the lines of IMON on Mythbuntu 10.10. Do not wholesale remove any of the existing content.