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Great article!

As a user of knoppmyth R5F27, I'd like to give addendum. Most everything is ready in R5F27, but nothing can substitute for the scripts provided in this article ( , sipie_myth). For instance, if you want it to stop playing once it's turned on, you have to follow this article.

Anyway, if you're running R5F27, consider the following:

Be sure to install notification-daemon for this how-to to work.

 $ apt-get install notification-daemon

Then follow this article doing only two things differently.

The mainmenu.xml file can be left alone. It already has sirus enlisted.

The siriusmenu.xml included with knoppmyth has, i think, all channels listed so you can sed the file instead of replacing it with the siriusmenu.xml file provided by this article.

 $ sed -i 's/cliSipie/sipie_myth play/g' /usr/share/mythtv/siriusmenu.xml

you must, however, edit the last entry by:

 $ vim /usr/share/mythtv/siriusmenu.xml  

To the last entry in /usr/share/mythtv/siriusmenu.xml add 'killall notification-daemon' to force the notification to go away:

    <text>Stop Listening</text>
    <action>EXEC /usr/bin/sipie_myth kill; killall notification-daemon</action>

Then it works like a charm. Later on, you can go through knoppmyth's provided siriusmenu.xml and get rid of all of those extraneous stations you're never going to listen to anyway.