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Fails (for me) on kernel-

I just want to make a small note on possible kernel version issues: I have not been able to get LCDproc to work using kernel-, but have great success on kernel-

This is the error I get on kernel-

 # service LCDd restart
   Shutting down LCDd: [FAILED]
   Starting up LCDd: imon: ERROR opening /dev/lcd0 (No such file or directory).
   imon: Did you load the iMON VFD kernel module?
   imon: More info in lcdproc/docs/README.imon
   Driver [imon] init failed, return code < 0
   Could not load driver imon
   There is no output driver
   Critical error while initializing, abort. [FAILED]

--Judaz 13:19, 19 November 2008 (UTC)