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Holy hell, man. Please use the preview button instead of constant submits. You're making a mess of the Recent Changes page.

Excellent article!

I just wanted to thank you for an incredibly detailed and well-written document on the harmony remote. I just got a Harmony One remote and I read through this document. While I'll probably make a variety of modifications, reading your document helped me considerably to understand how to deal with the harmony software to get it to do what I want.

KnoppMyth is no longer supported by Harmony

This is a useful article for understanding the process of getting this working. However, the KnoppMyth profile is no longer supported by the Logitech Harmony configuration software. MythDora is the MythTV profile suggested by the Harmony configuration software.

Anyone with a Harmony and Mythdora lirc conf file? Please do share the /etc/lirc.conf for remote codes. With this, we can clean up this page and make it relevant again.