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Removal of MTD and DVD Importing

Does anyone know why MTD and DVD Importing have been removed from version 0.24? --Turpie 23:48, 15 September 2010 (UTC)

MTD was not working in trunk, and it was decided there was insufficient time to fix it before the 0.24 feature freeze. The current plans are for a rewritten UI in 0.25 or 0.26, with MTD replaced in part or in full by the jobqueue.

how solid are those plans? i will be staying on 0.23 of necessity until DVD ripping is restored to the package. kids have scratched far too many DVDs for me to give up the ability to rip them and then put the DVDs safely away -- [rakasa, 2010-11-18, 17:51 UTC]

Very shaky. When the support was removed, several devs voiced an opinion that there should be some form of DVD ripping, if even to just ISO. There are no plans, just an interest. Understand that MythTV is by no means the only program capable of ripping DVDs. Handbrake is currently the recommended tool for ripping and transcoding. VOBCopy can be used to make lossless copies and ISO rips.