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Wiki page fix for upgrade

"The upgrade from previous versions should be transparent. Any changes to the database structure should be applied automatically."

This should be changed to say that it will be transparent if you run your DB on localhost with no authentication. Otherwise, you will need to look up the procedure for how to upgrade the DB by hand.


Does this only apply if you do an in-situ software upgrade? Will it do it from any previous version?

If you create a fresh installation, then import a database the code in backend setup will convert databases from 0.25 or 0.26 but not from earlier versions.

Thanks too.

Installing with MariaDB

in section 3.4.3, when executing 'apt-get build-dep mythtv', you may get an error about libmysqlclient-dev. To avoid this, I installed MariaDB's version of that lib: apt-get install libmariadbclient-dev

Sartoris 16:32, 18 January 2014 (UTC)

Still references 0.26

  • Manually building MythTV
    • git checkout fixes/0.26
    • tar -xjf mythtv-0.26.tar.bz2
    • cd mythtv-0.26
  • Post-configuration
    • mythbackend version: fixes/0.26 [v0.26]
  • MythPlugins
    • tar -xjf mythplugins-0.26.tar.bz2
    • cd mythplugins-0.26
    • ~/mythplugins-0.26/
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26
  • MythGallery
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26
  • Download and Install MythGame
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26
  • Compiling MythMusic
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26
  • MythWeather
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26
  • MythNews
    • cd ~/mythplugins-0.26

mysql.txt is deprecated by config.xml

  • Configuring a non-master backend
    • /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txtetc/mythtv/config.xml
  • No programs are displayed in "Watch Recordings"
    • /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
    • /home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt

Order of Inputs

The order can be configured Cardinput_table#{sched,live}order. Cards do no longer be removed for reordering. This also renders the section Advanced Backend Configurations deprecated.

Advanced Partition Formatting

btrfs is missing either a recommendation or the opposite.

Broken fixed-width table

The table in Manual Transcoding looks broken; replace the < nowiki > , < tt > , < br/ > markup with a single < pre > ... < /pre > around the whole section inside the < blockquote >.

Importing database backup.

If you install a fresh version of 0.27 then import a database, note that 0.27 will only import a database backup created under 0.25, 0.26 or 0.27. After importing it, you will need to run backend setup in order to convert it to 0.27 standards.

Do you need to say anything about timezones? I didn't need to do anything when I imported a 0.25 backup into a clean installation of 0.27 but that's maybe because I'm in timezone zero (UK).


Suggest adding that mythfilldatabase is a routine which grabs program information from an internet source. If you are using 'off air' (EIT) data then mythfilldatabase messages can be safely ignored.

References to "TV Settings"

The 'TV Settings' section of the mythfrontend setup menu is gone in 0.27.

I've fixed this for the auto-expire settings, but scanning, there are about 10 other references to this menu which probably means those sections need significant updates.

This document is NOT available as a PDF at

This document is available as a PDF at

Wow. After following the link to the PDF, I found ? ? ? ? Okay, so I did not find a PDF file. I was back to where I was at the link. Web page wiki it is for now. This may or may not be a known issue.