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Thanks for adding the "title wrong", I missed that. I don't agree about the "stub" addition.

My opinion is that adding the output of --help is wrong as that information is available to anyone with MythTV, and it's likely to become out of date. Also, adding --help would need to have 'per release' sections.

Old database rule: "Never put the same information in more than one place".

The logserver is something that nobody should need to run, it gets started and stopped based on other MythTV programs running, or not. The purpose of adding the Wike page was mainly for the Glossary and letting 0.26 users know why the logserver is there. Links to other loggin pages and 0mq are already there.

What additional information do you think is required?

I'd like to understand its role better and the architecture of Myth's logging. For instance, on a combined be/fe machine, should there be one copy of mythlogserver running or more than one? A brief overview of the sources (mythbackend, mythfrontend) and destinations (file, syslog, db) of logs. My interest is because it is broken on OS X #10890. Also #11230. Craig

Added some more detail, I didn't address the tickets or OS X as that appears to be covered in Trac. Any more detail and I think a developer needs to get involved. I'll let you decide if its still needs a stub template. Thanks for the ideas. Bill