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Hi Wagnerrp, thank you for cleaning up this wiki page. I only want to remark, that i am not using any newer nVidia card, but the onboard 6150 i have on my Asus Pundit. So i guess "nVidia cards (8000+)" is not 100% correct. Thought this mihgt be of some interest...

My 8400GS and onboard 8200 can auto-detect my TV (DVI) while off just fine. I suppose my TV might remain on and send the EDID data when requested. My '8000+' comment comes from upgrading from a 6200 to a 8400GS. The new card would only display on the TV (s-video) if the TV was on during X startup. ~wagnerrp

Did the 'nvidia-xconfig' application get changed? '--extract-edids-from-file' does appear to be the correct option, but from directly within the program documentation itself, it mentions '--extract-edids-from-log'.

     When the '--extract-edids-from-log' option is used, nvidia-xconfig writes any extracted
     EDID to a file, typically "edid.bin" in the current directory.  Use this option to specify
     an alternate filename.