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This document is awesome. Thanks to moosylog for getting it started!! --kah00na

I'll post the update script if anyone is interested. --kah00na

Thanks for the updates, can you please share the script.-- --The Moose

Q:) Can't find mythtv .rpm's for opensuse 10.2 anywhere, even on packman. Have they disappeared and now we must compile? --slushpump

A:) The rpm's are still available on pacman. You can point YaST to the pacman installation source or download the rpm's manually from: --The Moose

Mythtv packages missing again?

Q:) I can't seem to find the mythtv packages anywhere either for opensuse 10.2. I tried the link posted here but there was nothing there. Anyone know where i can look?

A:) Not sure why you can't find them on packman; they are available on Just add packman as a new installation sources as described on the wiki page. You do not have to download the rpm's manually. After you added packman as your installation source you can use YaST, software management to install the packages. (Search for mythtv in the YaST software section)

New packages are available here: (I never tried these) --The Moose

I should have been more specific when i use the packman repository it tells me

"Following packages haven't been found on the medium: mythtv"

So its actually the "mythtv" package i am missing on the link you sent me i only see the src rpm and i am running this command from the tutorial

"sudo /sbin/yast -i mythtv mythtv-frontend mythtv-backend mythtv-setup mysql ivtv ivtv-kmp-default MPlayer libxine1"

Ah, ok. Sometime things change with new versions (myth 0.20.2) and wiki's are not always 100% updated. With the new mythtv 0.20.2 packages the mythtv.rpm does not exist. Just install all mythtv packages from YaST. Use the YaST gui and install myth*.* Check the packman website if you want to see the exact rpm filenames. Please update the wiki if you find other things. ( I remove the mythtv package from the 10.2 page ) Cheers,