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Most of these are duplicates of the FAQ. Can these be better presented or just link to the FAQ answers? -- Kkuphal

DVD drive mount point keeps changing!

Arrgghh...this has been a huge problem that I am now seeing "clearly" as I gain experience with Linux and MythTV:

My DVD drive keeps changing designations. Right now, rip and transcode refused to work until I set it at /dev/hdc. However, a few days ago, it refused to work unless I set it at /media/cdrom0 !!

I don't understand why it keeps changing, but for "ease of use" this is a definite disadvantage!

On the wiki page, it says set as device not a mount point. But the mount point was all that would work a few days ago. Now it's /dev/hdc. I can't explain why this keeps changing. I could rip and transcode from /media/cdrom0 mount point a few days ago, now I can still access /media/cdrom0 from the terminal, yet MythTV wouldn't do anything with it, just said "No Jobs. Checking and/or waiting for DVD."

Any ideas on how to stabilize this? I have had this problem (losing ability to transcode and getting No Jobs. Checking and/or waiting for DVD." all the time.

Any idea on how to stabilize this drive designation?

- Matt