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I got an ATI HD 5450 card, does MythTV support DTS-HD and DD-MA audio passthrough on this card? can someone confirm this?

As I understand it, the ATI cards only support SPDIF standards over HDMI. That means LPCM, AC3, or DTS under 2mbps. wagnerrp 07:15, 5 May 2011 (UTC)
Thank you for your reply, but ATI specifically states that the HD 5xxx series card is able to deliver DTS-HD, and those HD audio codec over HDMI. Those who uses powerdvd also confirms that it delivers all the HD codec to the amp... but I haven't tried to do so successfully by ffdshow + potplayer, and it's the main reason I am now looking at MythTV but install something such as Linux is very time consuming and I want to make sure.
The Evergreen family does support HD bitstreaming, yes, but that capability relies on having the necessary drivers to allow it. That is a field ATI has always been lacking with respect to Linux.