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Notes while designing and building my "nauhuri" MythTV box


  • case max width 410 mm
  • old 3.5" HD fits inside the case
  • old Hauppauge Nova-T 500 dual DVB-T tuner card fits inside the case
  • silent, low power consumption, 1080p capable and all that

Chassis and PSU

I'm starting to lean towards a SilverStone Milo ML02B-R chassis. It fits the 410 mm width limit (397 mm) nicely. It comes with a fanless 120W PSU, fits a 3.5" drive and a slim optical drive and includes a PCI riser card. I'll just have to make sure that the Hauppauge Nova-T 500 isn't too big – someone seems to have had trouble with another Hauppauge card.

The CPU cooler cannot exceed 37 mm in height, so it's probably best to get one of SilverStone's own coolers.

The ML02B-R costs 164,90€ at VK.

Mainboard and integrated video controller

Radeon HD4200

  • open source driver ok (Dec 2009)
    • no sound through HDMI though
  • AMD proprietary driver doesn't work (Dec 2009)

AMD/ATI cards don't seem to do accelerated 1080p, although some people get that to work using the CPU. See this thread.

NVidia 8200 seems to be a safe choice. Any AM2 mainboards with that integrated? Also GT210 seems good with VDPAU decoding acceleration. 8200/8300/9300/9400 onboards only miss out on DivX accel. See this thread. Thi GT210 performs similarly to a 9400GT but is lower power and decodes better. GT210 only available as a separate card? Someone recommended an onboard 8300 or 9400. 8400gs is cheapest but lacking on the deinterlacing front.

There's a guide for optimizing AMD/ATI HD series playback for MythTV on Ubuntu.

  • Biostar GF8200 M2+
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8200
    • Socket AM2+
    • Realtek ALC662 6-Channel HD Audio, no S/PDIF
  • Biostar T-series TF8200
    • No S/PDIF
  • XFX GeForce 8200
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8200
    • support for all AMD AM2+ or AM2 CPUs
    • Audio 8-channel, S/PDIF output
    • HDMI+DVI with HDCP and VGA
    • photo shows 2 PCI slots, spec says only PCI-Express. !?!
  • Asus M3N78-VM
    • AM2+/AM2
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8200
    • HDMI, DIV, D-Sub
    • VT1708B 8 -Channel High Definition Audio CODEC with S/PDIF connector
    • 2 x PCI
  • ASUS M4N78-AM V2
    • AM3/AM2+/AM2
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8200
    • *No HDMI*, DIV, D-Sub
    • VIA VT 1708S 6-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC with *internal* S/PDIF connector
    • 2 x PCI
    • No S/PDIF
  • PNY GeForce 8200
    • No S/PDIF
  • Gigabyte GA-M78SM-S2H
    • S/PDIF
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8200
    • Socket AM2+
    • HDMI


Since I don't need exceptional processing power, I'll probably settle for an AMD CPU and get a Silverstone NT07-AM2 Low profile cooler (18,90€ at VK). The cooler can handle a 65W CPU, so my options are:


User:Trogod/System0 looks like an excellent resource especially on motherboards with an HDMI port.