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I am the current MythDVD and MythVideo maintainer. I will do my best to keep this page updated (which likely means I won't). As you can see I don't Wiki.

MythVideo after 0.21
Priority Description Status
Medium Add filtered view support (browse by category, genre, etc)
Medium Player profiles, selectable, common, associated with specific file types, ability to override per frontend. after 0.21
Medium Make the list view screen more like the Watch Recordings screen (play, play from bookmark, genre/category filtering)
Medium Opt-out for specific metadata entries so the Video Manger won't delete them.
Medium Directory/file types exclusion mechanism (for DB and files mode)
Medium Add "file browser only" directories, never scanned by the video manager. (Probably part of ignore, but with GUI)
Medium Allow Video Manager like editing from views
Medium Add play list, with shuffle, repeat options. (Do a better job with playlists than Watch Recordings)
Medium Add random play. Random whole collection, random this folder, random this folder and below.
Medium Make a directory selection dialog for mythui (for setup)
Low Add a button to auto-detect video chains (like what editmetadata does).
Low Allow default parental control level for newly scanned files.
Low Support for series/episodes.
MythVideo 0.21
Priority Description Status
High Merge MythVideo and MythDVD Done
Medium Automatically set the parental level based on the movie rating.
Medium When sorting by filename, do no compare the extension.
Medium Look at failure cleanup issues. (looks like transcode crashing = bad cleanup)
Medium Fix file browse mode to not guess titles (use 0.19's filename - extension) Done
MythVideo 0.20
Priority Description Status
High Refactor, there is a lot of duplicate code in there. Never done
Medium Apply invalid category patch. Done
Medium Handle VIDEO_TS directories consistently. Done
Medium Fix gallery view icon loading (so it won't cache every picture). Done
Low Make all metadata fields available to the theme. Done