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Basic Bio

Name: Chad Curvin
Hobbies and Interests: Linux, MythTV, VOIP. I help moderate a linux help site: under the handle MasterC
Age: Currently 26, if you are really interested in figuring it out when you read this page, DOB is Sep/1979
Occupation: Pharmacy Technician and joint Owner of PauseLiveTV

MythTV Related Info

Started out as a simple MythTV user, decided I liked the way things were implemented, joined mailing list, started reading up on customized MythTV.
From there I started experimenting with various chipsets and systems, and found a good base set of parts that work well in MythTV. Started selling systems locally, first to family and friends. Once I got their feedback, I opened up a small online shop to sell MythTV systems to the general population as well as to MythTV enthusiasts.

Current Interests

Anything electronic. Working with Via embedded systems to see about bringing them to widespread use as a (solid) MythTV frontend. Integrating systems throughout a home to enable home automation at very usable levels in part of a home. Currently looking at systems to integrate into a bathroom environment; roadblocks encountered are mostly related to steam from a shower :D