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A MythTV user for the last 3 years, I've just started dabbling in some development work for it. MythTV is already internationalized for the most part, but there are still things that are very North Americanized. Primarily, I'm interested in making MythTV play well with multiple languages simultaneously. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I can be contacted at chhamilton AT hotmail DOT com.

Contributed Patches

  • #2521 Bell ExpressVu EIT processed with incorrect character encoding

Things I'm Currently Working On

  • Customizable prefixes in Program Finder. Allow people to add support for prefixes in other languages. I have working code, but it needs to be cleaned up.
  • Integrating music player support to MythMusic. Using HAL (libhal), I have working code that detects when a music player has been connected. Currently I have an iPod interface (uses libgpod, which requires libgtk, etc) written which will then scan the metadata from the iPod, and make the tracks available in MythMusic. Things have been kept well abstracted, so adding other music players shouldn't be difficult (maybe some default one that just scans the filesystem for tracks?) I have working code, but these introduce fairly extensive new dependencies.

Things I'd Like To See Done

  • Full multiple language support in guide data, with language auto-detect, and smart handling (collation, prefix handling, etc) based on language of individual program.
  • Full integration of music players into MythMusic, with syncing options (from front-end to player, from player to front-end, two ways, etc) like Amarok or iTunes.