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notes to self, notice how everything leads to a collect everything and serve DVB/ATSC formats solution:


  • 8 LOC streamripper using liveMedia library, fetches mp3 via http and writes TS to disk

collected reference material:

research started:

  • DVB-IPTV client / headend

wanted / looking for:

  • software DVB-IPTV client
  • native frontend on STBs (I want a fanless HD frontend like the popcornhour, needs hints from vendors, see mvpmcx2)
  • FreeBSD port with working DVB recorder (DVB drivers are in the works, virtual dev machine unstable due to unrelated bugs...)
  • compress recorded MPEG2 SPTS by converting MPEG2 video to H.264/VC-1 and MPEG audio Layer II to AAC
  • collect and make use of AR, AFD, ATSC bardata (crop on export/reencode, zoom on playback)
  • simple tool to mux valid ES in foreign containers into SPTS / MPEG4 files
  • display aspect a) 16:10 b) any aspect for windowed frontends on a desktop

after world domination:

  • little NAS box with USB DVB receiver to serve your off-the-shelf STBs

Bug Notes

  • 0.21 is unable to scan for DVB-C channels without first importing a channel.conf
    • tuned scan didn't work (ended up here: 0.21 trunk)
    • manually populating one transponder did'nt work
    • there's no frequency table for DVB-C (fixed in trunk, see [19945], [19948])
  • german broadcasters are not signaling teletext subtitle pages in PMT
    • try some PMT fixup as the pages are fixed each network, needs to scan the private data for existance of that page
    • contacted ZDF on 2011-11-22, lets see if they can add the information themselves, would be preferred.

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