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Hi, I am Dave Hofstra.

I have been a MythTV addict for a few years now. I really love the open-source philosophy, and I am currently using Linux in my household for everything but money management and GPS tracking on my laptop. Those 2 things have proven to be impossible to migrate.

Anyways I really wanted to help give back to the MythTV project, as it has given me years of enjoyment. Initially, I made the photographic icons that are now part of Titivillus. This was a huge project for me, and I added some code to myth's XML files that allowed theme designers to start including a different icon for every menu item in MythTV. Although I am really proud of those photographic icons, it clearly shows that I have no real graphical skills other than cropping photos. The only other thing I have contributed is the Myxer theme. It is not really a theme as much as it is a script that lets you customize various aspects of mythtv themes from the command line. I have no programming skills, and althought it is a handy script, most people do not want to do anything in a terminal window if they do not have to. I may consider updating Myxer for 0.19 as soon as I get 0.19 up and running.

I think I'll spend some time helping this wiki, because I dont really have any graphical skills, nor do I have any programming skills. Hope you dont mind my long-winded edits!

I have the following setup


   * Suse 9.1
   * Celeron D 2.4Ghz
   * pcHDTV 3000
   * PVR250 retail
   * PVR250 MCE
   * 1 Terabyte of storage as LVM cluster
   * LIRC IR blaster for 2 sat boxes
   * in addition to sat lineup, I also have basic cable
   * nVIDIA 4000 


   * Suse 10.0
   * Celeron D 2.53 Ghz
   * nVIDIA 5500
   * Audio Authority A960 VGA -> Component video adapter
   * I still run 856x480 even for HDTV because I just cant seem to get a modeline that looks good at 1080i or 540p
   * IR reciever I bought from and am really really happy with the quality of that thing 

Bedroom Frontend

   * Ubuntu
   * PIII 600 mHz
   * Homemade IR reciever that works great, but is uglier than the one in the frontroom.
   * nVIDIA 4000