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  • Mythbuntu running on Asus EeeBox EB1501P
  • HDMI to TV via Sony 7.1 Amp (Running in 5.1 mode, with front speakers A+B)
  • Main issue is video output failing (going to other output and failing to launch desktop) when Amp and TV aren't on when booting


  • Mythbuntu, currently running on old(er) hardware as other old hardware broke. Needs an upgrade.
  • Dual TV tuner card, Freeview UK.
  • Running in small room off spare bedroom, out of the way. Had TV aerial routed there, along with network sockets (Cat6 to every room during 2011 renovation)


  • Been running MythTV since 0.19 (I think - will update once verified)


  • Currently RTB Engineering Manager for ITRS Group, having been a Software Developer and Tech Lead since 2003.
  • At work, mostly C++ and Java. At home mostly PHP.