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About Me

I currently work as a Broadcast Systems Engineer for the BBC in Television Centre, London. In my spare time I throw myself down hills on a mountain bike, down caves on a rope and other silly pursuits...

Involved with various IPTV projects and DVB multiplexing for the UK as well as European satellite operations.

MythTV Boxes

Combined Frontend/Master Backend - Galahad

* Athlon64 3200+
* 320Gb Seagate Barracude SATA HDD (/ - ext3; /store - xfs)
* nVidia 6150 on-board (Component, DVI, Composite Out)
* 1x KWorld DVB-220RF Hybrid PCI (DVB-T/Analog/FM - Saa7134 chipset)
* 1x Kworld DVBS-100 PCI (DVB-S - CX88 chipset, currently connected to a Sky Zone 2 dish/LNB 
which  is pointed at Hotbird (13E).
* Ubuntu Feisty with customised MythTV packages built from SVN head
* IRMan serial infra-red receiver (to be replaced with a UIRT2 when I build one)
* Build an optical output board for the soundcard.
* Supply 12v to rear of case to switch monitor relay and power LCD.

Slave Backend - Gadget

This still needs to be setup and configured.  Test system when I need to test functionality 
with slave backends.
* AMD Athlon 700
* 512MB RAM
* Nvidia Geforce2-Pro
* 1x Hauppauge WinTV Radio (Analogue TV and FM)

Other systems on my network run a frontend which connects to Galahad as and when required.


Stuff in bold needs looking at

Patches I'm Using

  • #3405 Alsa input for analog capture

Need to reapply this. Last time I tried it was trying to interpret alsa devices as oss.

  • #3293 Autodiscovery Patch for MythFrontend

Seems to work quite well mostly. localSecurityPin needs to have a default set so it doesn't lock out frontends by default.

  • #3334 Allow mythtv-setup to use the downloadable icons from the new online database

Applies, I cannot get this to work properly. I've modified the patch so it shows a progress dialog while scanning for icons and allows you to select icons. However, freezes setup on exit - need to investigate further.

Patches I want to test/apply/look at

  • #3500 Add more values from lm_sensors to mythbackend http status page
  • #3502 Adds CPU, motherboard temperature and CPU fan speed to mythfrontend's status page

These two patches duplicate code. Code for retrieving data should be abstracted into libmythtv somewhere.

Mythshutdown stuff

  • #2896 mythwelcome, mythshutdown and mtd

No way of detecting what mtd is doing at the moment.

  • #3463 mythshutdown does not check for live tv recording

It's not supposed to... But might be worth adding an option

Patches submitted by me

  • #3077 Default CD Device selection
* Some work in SVN.  Lot's of work done by Nigel here.  Needs lot's more testing!
* Mythmusic: CD Import does not work properly with two CD drives.
* 29/05/2007: Added patch to fix model lookup for cd devices with scd0/sr0 device 
names mediamonitor-scd-fix.diff
  • #3279 Improve server reconnect/wakeup method

This patch improves the server reconnect method used in mythcontext. Needs patch updating and review of GUI section

  • #3867 Add "Help (Status Icons)" Menu entry to Watch Recordings screen

In SVN 14346.

  • #3280 Add IsMasterBackend and BackendIsRunning functions to mythcontext

In SVN 14166. Provides useful functions for mythtv

In SVN 14122. Provides a number of small changes to settings dialogs for ease of use etc

  • #3078 Consistent behaviour of SELECT action across widgets

In SVN 13123

  • #2839 Enable virtual keyboard for ComboBox

In SVN 12347

  • #2838 Allow use of Arbitrary commands for mythwelcome setwakeuptime

In SVN 12374

  • #2238 Mute logic fails on cards using v4l1-compat

In SVN 11376 (modified version)

  • #2214 vbi device detection

In SVN 10886

  • #2840 Add option to autostart MTD

Not accepted. Applied to my build. I think this makes myth and mtd easier to use.

  • #1892 DVD Detection Problem

Not accepted. This concerns the detection of DVD's based on video_ts directory. Should be uppercase if mounted as udf, but doesn't really make any difference if mounted as iso9660 except it's lowercase. This fixes detection for this scenario.


  • Write a service menu app for mythtv that provides the following options:
* Run Mythtv-setup (this will stop the backend while mythtv-setup is running)
* Start/Stop Mythfrontend
* Start/Stop Mythbackend
* Restart computer
* Start/Stop mysqld
* Run a terminal
Needs to integrate with LIRC so it can be controlled by remote but should be separate
program from other mythtv programs so it can run when there are problems etc.
See also: #3377 Add "Run Setup" button to mythwelcome popup menu to start mythtv-setup.
  • Mythshutdown -x should offer an osd message if it cannot shutdown and optional override.
  • Network information in status area.
  • Move backendsettings.cpp|h into libmythtv so it can be called outside of mythtv-setup.


Some specifications I've written for things that I'll (hopefully) get around to developing for MythTV soon!

Wikipage.png - Sleep timer specification mythTV wiki page

Wikipage.png - Global notification specification mythTV wiki page