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Monkey Pet

Email: monkeypet AT gmail DOT com IM: monkeypet (gtalk)

... 2012 Mythbackend:

Older Configuration:

  • 1GB RAM
  • HDHomeRun Box
  • Haupauge PVR-350
  • Haupauge PVR-150 MCE
  • Haupauge PVR-150
  • Fedora Core 7
  • 7 HDs of various sizes over lvm2

Older FrontEnds:

  • 2 Xbox
  • 2 MiniMac
  • Laptops
  • MacBook Pro

This has been running for 10 years. No data loss yet. Knock on Wood.

Misc Pages:

  • PVR-350 Remote Quick Guide
  • MythRoast - DVD Burning project that tries to use the native mythtv interface to dump mpeg2 files to a standard DVD.
  • MythSpeech - Accessibility Feature for the blind. Make Myth Talk during menu navigation. Initial Work.