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About Me

My name is Andrew Williams, Business Intelligence Analyst from Widnes, UK.

Myth-Users posts

MythTV Boxes

Combined Front/Back - MythTV

  • Asus K8N-SE (Socket 754)
  • Athlon64 3200+
  • 1Gb DDR RAM
  • 20Gb Seagate UIDE HDD (not mounted)
  • 200Gb Maxtor SATA I HDD (/mnt/mythtv - xfs) - lvm
  • 250Gb Maxtor SATA I HDD (/mnt/mythtv - xfs) - lvm
  • 250Gb Western Digital SATA II HD (/ and /mnt/vault - xfs)
  • nVidia FX 5200 (S-Video Out)
  • 2x Hauppage Nova-T (DVB-T)
  • Gentoo 2007.0 with 0.21


  • UK Freeview (DVB-T), Winterhill Transmitter (Rooftop "Contract" aerials).


The combined Backend/Frontend box can decode 1080i content without the use of XvMC, but it runs at around 60-70% CPU usage, possibly enough spare for pure DVB source recording.

Scripts & Extras