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Really nothing to see here, I'm rambling... I disown all statements, and you can't hold me accountable =D.

List of mythtv deficiencies/omissions that I find annoying.

Some have been removed, or speficically left out, this is for my own notes, as well to help with the gloriousnessness that are the perl bindings.

1. No method to mark a recording as "bad", to trigger the scheduler to forget/re-record or re-schedule a recording. This would be useful for say the red button on an MCE remote while traversing the list of recordings. My STB's fail 1 in 100 recordings, I'd like to eventually see the episode, but I have to hit three buttons to delete it... D, Down, Enter. Which is, delete but allow re-record. Meh.

You can mark a recording for re-record, but you still have to go a couple steps through the context menu to do so. There is no direct key binding to do so.
Are you referring to something in .24ish? I can't find such an option

2. Mythweb lost its ability to define the default playback speed on a recording rule, I don't know specifically if this is due to the fact that you may assign a playback group with a default speed or what. I missed it if that's the case.

3. Allow the protocol, or create an interface to run simple commands. As a server, the back end should be able to be told to halt recordings between say, midnight and 4am every Sunday for maintenance, re-schedule what it would have recorded during those times and move forward.

MythTV has never been thought of as secure, but the extent of its flaws has always been limited to MythTV alone. You can only create and delete files from within the pre-defined storage groups. You can only run jobqueue and system event commands as defined in the database. Now you can always pull the database credentials from MythXML if enabled, and add whatever new commands you want to the database, but being able to run arbitrary commands straight from the protocol seems extremely dangerous, and I doubt would ever be supported unless the backend protocol got some real security.

4. Direct manipulation of inputs. ie, there's no clear interface to tell myth to stop recording on input 2, and discard the current recording.

5. Simple user management, I mean really simple. Select user from a list, up up up, then enter a pin for the pass, 5521, ok.. now we have custom and "limited" views and the setup disabled, and all the R rated movies disappear. Really, what's hard about this...? Am I missing something? I guess the obvious answer is time required.. the fact that I don't know Qt, ... makes me want to learn .. heh. No "screensaver" needs to be implemented. If parents are concerned about their kids' mental health, they will always remember to lock the system. Or, have an auto de-escalation of priviliges after a set time period. Simple, done and perfect.

GSoC 2006 - just one of many planned and failed attempts

6. General dumb-downnedednessness, this happened in the Gnome project and it was infuriating, components get tossed because it's too hard to maintain, it got broken because... no one really knows.

7. If you expect people to be able to understand the fact that MySQL needs to have permissions set for this program to function and save its settings... why the heck design a setup interface which allows the user to use a remote? I don't think the idea is a bad one, but there should be other methods of setup. Allow a curses based interface, a .conf file that gets imported would suffice. I understand that the 10 foot interface is imperative and that's fine, there must be other ways to automate/setup and deploy a back end.

One of the major plans for 0.25 and beyond is to allow mythbackend to run in an un-configured setup, and move the setup to a web based one.

8. Absolutely drives me crazy that mythtv has Windows as a target...? Really? Doesn't winbloze have enough software out there that does the job? Why attract more idiots to the project when all people ever get treated as are "idiots" in the mailing lists and irc? I have no problem with mythtv being ported to Windows!, just supporting it is crazy, nuts, and silly. What a waste of precious developer time. (this really is just because I'm a Linux zealot)

9. Mythweb now has some bugs, specifically not remembering the default sort order when looking at the recording rules.

10. add some form of function that detects bad recordings

11. better explain the containers that your hardware provides... ps vs ts vs dvd 1 ... quite confusing for a noob.

^^ 10 already exists, I just need to elaborate more as to what the actual problems are (hard to find on the current build) ^^ 11 can be done via the wiki/docs

This is my scratchpad, take it at face value, and I'm sure some of my ramblings are based on simple unintuitive ignorance.