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I've been using MythTV since January 2007.

Rackmountable case
Intel D845GEBV2 board
P4 2.4 GHz
1 GB (2x512MB) DDR RAM
PNY nVidia GeForce 5200
560GB MythTV Recording HD
Internal CD-RW, External FireWire DVD-RW
Onboard Intel Audio for TV, M-Audio Delta 44 for other audio
Mythbuntu 8.10 with weekly builds
(2) Samsung SyncMaster 172N LCD monitors in Twinview.

I had some trouble getting the audio on my TV card to work when I used openSUSE 10.2. Here are the settings I used if this helps anyone.

Gateway #6000699 STB BT848 TV/Radio tuner (FM1236/F), including chips TEA6300T, TDA1308 and TDA9850T

Open as root the file /etc/modprobe.d/tv and use this file for your Gateway STB card.

alias char-major-81 videodev

# YaST configured TV card
# UVH2.ei6eMzKDZY3:STB TV BT848
alias char-major-81-0 bttv
alias char-major-81-1 tvaudio
alias char-major-81-2 off
alias char-major-81-3 off
options bttv card=40oo tuner=2 radio=1 debug=1
options i2c-algo-bit bit_test=1
options tvaudio tda9850=1 tda9855=0 tea6300=1 debug=1

My Wishlist

  1. X10 integration
  2. Some way to interface with a Wii