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Hi All! I'm an avid MythTV user from Ireland. My current system has the following specs:

  • Via EPIA M10000 mainboard (Mini-ITX review)
  • Travla C137 case (Mini-ITX review)
  • 160GB Samsung Spinpoint P80 - a very nice quiet IDE hard drive
  • Hauppauge PVR-250 Capture card (no need for a 350 as the EPIA board already has TV-out)
  • Gentoo Linux
  • MythTV 0.20 via Gentoo ebuild. Plugins used:
    • MythVideo
    • MythDVD
    • MythWeather
    • MythGallery
    • MythWeb
    • MythBurn

It is a combined frontend/backend and is very stable, hardware MPEG-2 encoding and MPEG-2 accelerated TV-out. This allows the low-power VIA processor to play and record shows at the same time using only about 15% CPU power.

My favourite theme is Retro(link), followed closely by MythCenter (included in 0.19). My favourite OSD is Isthmus.

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--Sdolan 21 July, 2006