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My MythTV related Projects


jMythAPI is a java library to query and control a MythTV backend and MythTV database. It uses the Myth protocol to communicate with the MythTV backend and the MySQL JDBC driver to query the MythTV database. It provides a high level API enabling java developers to easily access MythTV, without the need to know all the details about the underlying protocol and differences between various protocol versions.


The following things can be done with jMythAPI:

  • Query backend status
  • Read and write backend settings
  • Receive backend events
  • List channels, download channel icons
  • List programs data
  • List, add or remove recording schedules.
  • List, delete, download or stream recorded programs
  • Generate recording preview images
  • Watching Live TV
  • Query and set bookmarks
  • List, start, stop, pause or continue backend jobs
  • Control recorders, switch channels and recorder inputs


Requirements to use jMythAPI:

  • Java JRE >= 1.5.0
  • MySQL JDBC driver

Supported MythTV versions

The following MythTV versions are supported:

  • All MythTV versions released between 2004-01-29 and 2012-01-22
  • MythTV release versions: 0.14 - 0.24.2
  • MythTV protocol versions: 01 - 72


See for more infos about jMythAPI.


MythTV-Browser is a TV-Browser plugin to control a MythTV-backend. This project uses the jMythAPI.


See here to read more about MythTV-Browser