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Hello, My name is Tom Bourke. I am currently an AV person at DC Everest in Weston WI. We have been using Myth TV for recording cable in the class room since early 2007.


My back ground includes computer programming and technical theater. I have been running Linux on all home computers for several years. I am a little rusty on programing but I have a feeling it will come back to me.

“Educational MythTV”

A project I am currently working on is creating a version MythTV that is more practical in an educational setting. The district I work for is very supportive of this project. They have provided me with several computers and parts to work with, including 1 PVR500 card for testing and 2 in production machines. One production machine normally just creates DVD's The other normally just streams direct to classrooms with projectors via Our normal interface is MythWeb. The computer that is streaming never gets logged into directly. And the one that burns DVDs only gets logged into for burning.

At this point it looks like a few changes to MythWeb and a basic interface for burning DVDs on a Myth Backend only install will work well.

I have also been in contact with Schedules direct on coming up with a data licensing plan for schools. Currently schools are considers a commercial entity and are not eligible for the service. It looks very promising so stay tuned!

Features in the To Do list

  • Add 3 data fields for each program. Teacher, copyright, Notes. Copyright information may be supplied via Schedules direct from Cable in the classroom.
  • Use Lightscribe to label disks directly based on information in the database.
  • Automatically create a folder with DVD iso and a file to be used with Lightscribe for each new recording. Further development would include a simple UI to burn a disk.
  • Set up a UI for compiling and basic cut and trim editing for imported video from cameras. Example project is compiling several taped demonstrations in class on to one DVD.
  • Youtube and other Internet videos to be burned to DVD or streamed for classroom presentation.
  • Package above changes as a distro/package or as a simple set of scripts and packages.