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I have used MythTV as our primary TV platform for about 18 months, and am QUITE happy with it! I have made some (very) minor contributions to the script, as that is about the limit of my programming experience.

My setup

I currently have a multi-system setup consisting of a master backend running debian (KnoppMyth base) with dual VR-250's and 120GB of local storage. I have a slave backend with a PVR-150 and a remote frontend in my living room. I run SVN in production most of the time and find it very stable with a high WAF. I also have two original Xbox frontends, both running XBMC, and a MediaMVP that I have yet to setup... :) I also have a webserver/mailserver/media storage server that shares videos and MP3's via SMB/CIFS.

Master Backend

VIA based motherboard
AMD Sempron 2200 Processor
One 40GB drive for the OS and one 120GB drive for recordings
2 x Hauppauge PVR-250 tuners

Slave Backend

VIA based motherboard
Intel P3 800 Processor
1 x Hauppauge PVR-150 tuner

Main Frontend

MSI P4M800 motherboard
Cheap black MiniATX case
Celeron 2.9Ghz Processor
AGP 6200GT Fanless Nvidia graphics card
Unknown Wireless IR keyboard
Sony RM VL-1000 IR Remote with learning function to emulate the Hauppauge grey remote

Other Frontends

2 x original Xbox (softmodded, with EvoX), both running XBMC, one also has a dual boot Xebian frontend with somewhat current SVN Myth compiled in
1 MediaMVP that I have yet to setup

Future Plans

install my DVICO Fusion HD-Lite card to the frontend
install my Turtle Beach Riviera card to the frontend
get the MediaMVP setup