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Email: pcjabber AT gmail DOT com

I haven't updated my user page in quite some time as I've been quite busy with school. Probably most of the information here is old, so take it with a grain of salt =). I'll try to get in here soon and make changes.

About Me

My name is Tyler Drake. I am a member of the AdminGroup on this wiki. I have been a user of MythTV since just after 0.8 release. I am 17 years old, a recent high school graduate, living in North Carolina. I try to help with development of the project in any way I can (see QUALIFICATIONS below), but as I am a high-school student, I cannot devote full time to this project =)

Lately, I've had much less time than I've wanted to contribute to this project (among other things).

Enjoy! --Tyler


Currently, I have a ASUS Pundit set up as a backend/frontend unit. I run an SVN version of MythTV on this box, but I don't keep it bleeding-edge most of the time.

  • ASUS Pundit barebones (case, PSU, motherboard)
  • 1.8GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor (Socket 478)
  • 512MB RAM (probably from Kingston or Crucial, but I haven't cracked the case in a while, so I don't really remember)
  • Maxtor 6Y200P0 200GB Parallel ATA HDD (the Pundit doesn't have Serial ATA, unfortunately)
  • 2x Hauppauge PVR-250 (one is an iTVC16/CX23416-based version; the other is a iTVC15-based version)
  • SiS 65x/M650/740 integrated graphics (I don't remember which model, the description is from /sbin/lspci)
  • Pioneer silver slot-load DVD-ROM drive
    • BTW, don't get a slot-loader drive if you use the Pundit -- the Pundit has a little flip-out door that relies on a tray to push it out -- CDs can get stuck while trying to push the door open! (since there's no tray)
  • Serial IR receiver (from
    • On that note, I'm getting an Serial IR receiver/transmitter from Iguanaworks, as the Pundit only has one Serial port and I need to control my Time Warner Cable digital cable box.


I am currently working on these projects:
DHMC - Digital Home Media Center - a commercial project involving MythTV. Not off the ground yet. Similar to Development One's Home Media Centre box, but to be configured, sold and supported in the USA. I'm not sure that I'm actually going to launch this project as initially intended. Perhaps in the future.


Coming soon. (I know, I haven't updated this in ages. One day, soon, when I finish some other things. =))


You can leave comments on my Talk page (also accessable via the "discussion" tab at the top of this page). Please add a new section (click the + next to "edit" on the discussion page) if you're commenting on a new topic (i.e. subject lines =))