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== Yorik ==

Have been running MythTV for 2 years. Currently running a Single Machine, Front End and Back End in one, with a single (hardly used) Front End.

Main MythTV PC

  • 1.8GHz P4 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 160GB WD HDD
  • Hauppage PVR350 Analog Tuner Card - TV Out
  • FusionTV DVICO Digital Tuner Card
  • DVICO Remote
  • FC5 using packages from ATRPMS and FRESHRPMS
  • Latest MythTV Stable release.
  • Preference for Xine over Mplayer

I live in the middle of nowhere (outback Australia) so, I only have 6 Channels. 4 Analog, 4 on Digital (2 on both.)


  • FC4 1 GHz Server with 960GB of RAID5 storage for other movies.

Yorik personal website


  • Cars - Own a 420 all wheel horsepower R32 GTR
  • PC's
  • Linux - Have completed my RHCT
  • Piercings - Have quite a few. Ask if you a brave enough.

My car
My Car

Yorik 07:31, 15 February 2007 (UTC)