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I think by now I have a fairly complicated mythtv setup theres two backends now and a couple of fronts an xbox and 3 tuners yep its getting complicated already

tonight i set myself a mission to configure lirc on the slave so it can channel change my technomate 1500ci and hours later i have partial success

I know it doesnt help that its a gutsy kernel on a fiesty system that sure makes it difficult getting the right headers an all. 

reason being is a clash between v4l-dvb and ubuntu the kernel on ubuntu gets compiled with iptv built in so dooes the cvs version of v4l-dvb basically i get around the problem by installing the cvs drivers and then alater kernel then both cards play nice. this also means i get to compile lirc against a gutsy kernel too and that was not easy to achieve but i did it

in the end i used cvs followed the instructions and built support for my irmate 210

i got this working and used irrecord to create a lirc.conf file (pain thou it was it was necessary to get codes for my technomate 1500ci :) ok now having the codes for the technomate it then becomes necesary to be able to output them..

coz of the serial port problem the serial ports geet initialised before i get a chance to throw lirc drivers at them i use setserial to get the seril drivers to vacate then sudo modprobe lirc_serial that gets me a driver in place however its late now and although i have at least got the conf file working i went back to the firsty install guide for the serial blaster now irsend tells me i have a 1500ci configured. I tried sending some codes and it did nothing that may be down to me the wrong comm port or the technomate not seeing the irsender.

i think i might also have the tv card swop around issue on the slave but mostly it seems to be available

Udev rules and other bits heres a link to a page which has a udev config for my older setup. It might give a few clues as to how to do your own version.

heres another method using blacklisting to stop the swop for dvb

its a little different now since the dvb-s and pvr150 cards are in a different system but i think it may work :)