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On the Suse 10.2 mythtv page, can you add more detailed steps for this? Such as the path and name of the script to run that does the download and copy?

The link provide by someone else is correct, except for the broken kernel versions which I made note of. I have personally run most of the kernels from to current. All kernels work except for 2.6.20.x series. will work if you manually modprobe cx88-dvb, but what a pain. It is better to upgrade to or above. The number of fixes to the TCP/IP stack justify the upgrade by themselves especially if you are running gigabit.

cd /lib/firmware chmod u+x /usr/src/linux- /usr/src/linux- nxt2004

The first line save the need to copy the file later.

Note: You still have to download and copy the nxt2004 firmware to /lib/firmware using the script found in the kernel source code. Tested about 2 weeks ago. Otherwise when you scan for channels no usable ones will be found.