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I'm done. There won't be any more documentation coming from me in the foreseeable future due to apparent differences between myself and a hot-headed admin. I will not be censored without explanation, I will not be treated like a child, and I will not tolerate accusations of user cruelty by someone who has a far worse reputation for it than I. I was trying to help clean up more of the documentation on the HD-PVR and get the information about HDMI conversion moved onto it's own page where it wouldn't pollute the focus of the original page, only to be interrupted and catch a load of verbal abuse for it for reasons I still don't understand. In my opinion it wasn't necessary, it wasn't warranted, and if that's the way things are going to be, I'll be quite fine never putting up with it again.

In some countries the use of an HD Fury for the purposes it's information was being kept on the HD PVR page for is entirely illegal. Hackers know you either break the law or don't, but sitting around in the dark about whether you're actually breaking a law is a fast route to getting into trouble. If you're documenting how to do something that would be illegal in some other country, you've an obligation to let the reader know that. Ignoring the issue entirely is how monopoly-happy companies get the ammunition to convince judges and government representatives to enact newer, more insane laws, and do to things that merely further entrench monopolies in the name of protecting corporate rights at the expense of customer rights. I actually read the laws, keep up with the developments in ongoing cases (because these change how laws are enforced and interpreted), and generally stay out of trouble not by hiding what I'm doing, but by not breaking laws and doing so in plain sight.