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Your setup

Hey, I have some questions about your setup and couldn't figure where to put it... So you use the firewire to change channels and then get it through the regular output into the mythbox and it looks good? I was thinking about doing something along those lines but wasn't too sure how it would work. I have Time Werner right now and I'm going to try that through their box... not happy how FIOS is all digital so my current turners wont work...


Hey WhyWontThisWork, Yeah, that's how I have my setup. I'd love to do firewire capture, but I played around just briefly and it didn't work, so I gave up. Plus, many users report that their cable channels are encrypted, so it may not even be worth it. So I have my FIOS STB composite out going to my WinTV composite in, then the STB's RCA audio out to the PC's audio line-in. The firewire cable is connected from the PC to the STB solely for changing channels. The quality is passable, but not great. It comes interlaced, so when watching on the TV it looks almost perfect (compared to normal SD broadcast). When downloading it, it's noticeably lower quality (since SD broadcasts look much worse on a monitor than a TV). I use VLC's deinterlacing ("X" mode) and aspect ratio (4:3), and it's definitely watchable. But all told, it's better quality than the Slingbox (non-HD) I was using with svideo.

I'd like to get a newer capture card so I can use svideo in, but I just don't really need the quality right now. Eventually it'd be nice to get a Hauppauge PVR-1212 for HD input, but I really don't need that and it's not worth the expense.

I'll try to post a sample of my capture quality. It's definitely unimpressive, but for day-to-day watching it's perfectly fine for me. jumpfroggy 18:58, 3 June 2009 (UTC)